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Mohan 6 - Copy

“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow”. – Anthony J. D’Angelo.

Goldenbee School is a school that is committed to providing our students with the skills, technology and knowledge necessary to establish a strong foundation for future success in their educational experiences.

We believe that students are entitled to an education that is engaging, challenges them, and provides support as they strive to reach their fullest potential.

At Goldenbee School, we strive to create a positive environment that celebrates the whole child and helps them succeed academically, socially, and through positive citizenship in their school and community.

We will achieve this by individualising instruction to meet student needs and establishing strong, positive relationships with students.

Goldenbee School is a proud mission driven community providing a world class education, celebrating the fact that each student is different, as a person and as a learner.

We believe that powerful learning and teaching occurs under a shared spirit of respect which creates a passionate schooling experience recognised for its warmth, energy and excellence.

Here people are valued and can fulfil their potential both as teachers and learners.

“I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think”-Socrates. Open mindedness, a multicultural orientation, independence, a global outlook, multiple intelligences and abilities – these are the premium qualities needed today.

As a 21st century organisation, the school desires to set an approach to learning that incorporates inquiry, research, analytical thinking and an ethical approach that becomes a lifetime habit.

The students are helped to focus on confidence building, while nurturing a strong sense of social and environmental responsibility through academic and co-curricular activities.

I strongly believe that education is a collaborative effort that involves professional administrators, committed teachers and motivated students. We dedicate ourselves as professional administrators in creating a dynamic education programme empowering the students in a global perspective.

The school is an extension of your community and we take this role and responsibility seriously.

Thank you for giving us this opportunity to get to know your child and help him/her work towards realising his/her dreams and potential.

-Mohan.K B


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Correspondent’s Message:

We are really happy to introduce our Goldenbee Global School.We aim to provide excellence in early childhood care and education in a safe, welcoming, adopting and nurturing environment.

A school is where children are nurtured, reared and shaped in such a manner that their mental abilities are enhanced and aptitudes channelized. Their power of the senses and skills are developed and strengthened to make them well rounded personalities.

I assure you that the entire team of Goldenbee Global School helps shape each child into an intelligent, skilled and committed Indian citizen with a global perspective. I look forward to your kind association, valuable support, and a healthy rapport that shall assist us in the holistic development of each child.